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Windows 10
Blog - Microsoft


Question:  Something just popped up on the screen from Microsoft, offering me Windows 10 for free!  Is this legit?  And if it is, do I want it or need it (3 GB download).  Have you received that offer?  The pop-up directs me to  Michel J.

Answer:  Yes, almost all Windows 7 & 8/8.1 users got it.  Microsoft is simply marketing the next version of Windows, Windows 10, more assertively, because they can.  They've issued a patch called 'Get Windows 10' (KB3035583) that initially pops up an ad to have you sign up or opt in to automatically get the free 3GB download on 7/29/15, the official release date.  Since it will be freely available for a year, we can ignore all this hoopla.  Here, as in the past, it's best to let others be the first adopters.  I'll be reading the inevitable gripes and raves, install for my own evaluation on an extra tower and laptop, and upgrade later.  Here's their full explanation of what's coming:  I have no doubt they'll get it right, sooner or later;  but, realize profit to Microsoft has to result.  Already I've heard they'll be selling ad-free subscriptions to Solitaire 


For your protection - we eat our own cooking
Blog - Tips

Pondering allies, the King of Siam in The King and I asks "If allies are strong with power to protect me, might they not protect me out of all I own?"  When it comes to friends and enemies, it's not always one or the other.  That's how it is with programs that you install to protect your digital life from the bad guys.  So what's the best plan for self defense that keeps the load light for your race horse to pull?

At the first sign of trouble...
Blog - Tips

Here's a checklist to return to normal and do no harm if you're inclined to be your own Doctor.  These are steps we do for ourselves and our customers preliminary to deeper troubleshooting.:

Warning - during the performance of this checklist, you should see steady progress and feel hopeful that a return-to-normal condition is coming.  If things hangup or sound funny or get slower, SHUTDOWN (you may have to hold the power button down for 5 seconds to do this).  You are being told it's time to get a full backup, deeper cleanup by a pro, and a new hard drive.

What's the problem?
Blog - Microsoft

I just read this article.

Microsoft vs Google: The Empire Strikes Back - Ray Ozzie’s ambitious plan to revitalize Microsoft’s software, beef up its services, and kick the crap out of Google

Embedded in this (what I expected to be) cloying puff-piece is a great description of and answer to "What's the problem?"  Here's some selected excerpts.

What if I lost everything on my computer? (My Backup Plan)
Blog - Backups

HelpI've done a lot of work to answer that question.  Over the years, I've gone through many diskettes, Zip disks, tapes, CDRs, DVDRs, hard drives, and USB devices striving for order and peace of mind.  My four requirements have not been met until now.

1 - I want backup that's automatic.  Once setup, my fingers and my memory play no part.  Set it, forget it!  But I want to be able to check and see it's OK whenever the whim strikes me.
2 - I want to backup everything.  No decisions as to what's important and what's not.  No choices to make.
3 - I want backup that's historical.  If I can't find a file lost today, how about finding it in last the night's backup, or the night before, or the week before, or whenever before it was lost.
4 - I want backup that can survive.  If my laptop is stolen or if my house burns down, I want my backup safe.

So here's what I'm doing, and I recommend you do it too: